Featured Shoot: Fillmore Dressed as Antarctica!

Featured Apparel: Custom Sweet Heart Ballgown with Handmade Belt, Beaded Bridal Topper Worn Underneath Gown, and Hand Beaded Hairpiece!

Amy Ice Princess-0011.jpg

In the last two week's we have had three nor'easter storms, Antarctica has gone above freezing (it was warmer there, than here), and right before Mother Nature and Jack Frost coerced with the Snow Queens of the bergs: Amy dressed as an Ice Princess.  We can't entirely know the effects of global warming, but we can see in these images, especially understanding that we experienced colder temps than the icy continent, that the day may come where North America is more Elsa than our world's South Frigid Zone.  Tomorrow, Winter is officially over; although, snow may linger: Spring is coming...   - (excerpt from our March 18, 2018 Blog post).

Photo Shoot Credits:

Photography: Becca Howland Photography

Model: Amy Chevallard

Hair/MUA: Amy Chevallard

Gown, headpiece, bridal belt: Gee June Bridal, custom'; Designer: Layne Dann

Venue: Fillmore Glen