At Gee June Bridal we embrace community over competition. Our dedication to this mindset is visual: Our website is a shrine to all we stand for in that our pictures represent our commitment to collaborating! We believe in helping to empower newly established vendors, we promote networking, and we regularly seek out and encourage young talent to join us at fashion and styling events to give them an opportunity to get a feel and sneak peek into what their life could be like as a professional Hair or Makeup Artist, Designer, Entrepreneur, etc. Each week, we dedicate time to work alongside established Creatives and Entrepreneurs via styled shoots, fashion shows, advertising campaigns, mock wedding shoots, editorials, wedding showcases, and expos! If you are interested in consulting with Gee June Bridal to produce a fashion segment of a wedding showcase, or collaborating as a vendor, creative, or model, with Gee June Bridal in an inspiration shoot, kindly send us an Inquiry!

Click the Portfolio link below to experience our most recent collaborative efforts and peruse through our catalog of styled shoots to find your wedding venue and vendors!

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Photography Credit: Heather Skye Photography. Model: Damita Chamberline. Bike: Tompkins Bike Walk (sister company to the Lime Bikes)! Floral: Front handle bars-Bool’s Flower Shop, Back handle bars-Ithaca Flower Shop! Presentation: Ithaca Fashion Week- Show Coordinators: Layne Dann of Gee June Bridal, Wendy Skinner of Sew Green, Heather Skye of Heather Skye Photography, Allison and Summer of the Downtown Ithaca Alliance; Special Thanks to: Jennifer Engel and Inshik Lee at The Dewitt Mall, Downtown Ithaca, and to Jamie Love of Jamie Love Photography for photographing our runway show! All of us ladies coordinated with the DIA to help bring Ithaca it’s premiere Fashion Week! Ithaca Fashion Week will be a yearly occurrence!