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"Layne was so incredibly patient as she transformed my off-the-rack dress (4 sizes too big) to a customized dream wedding gown over the course of 6+ months. She was creative, inventive, and visionary. She has an amazing eye for detail, as well as for overall design. She could solve problems on the fly, and always offered multiple solutions to any question that arose. She was very reasonably priced, but honestly, I would have paid whatever she charged given the quality of work and dependability that she provided. I only had a few ideas about how I wanted the dress to look, but after a few conversations with Layne, I trusted her vision, and the dress turned out better than I ever imagined. Not to mention, she was an absolute joy to work with!


"Layne spent about 4 months patiently working with my wild ideas creating the dress of my dreams. She's an unmatched talent in the area :) Thanks again!"

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"I would like to take a minute this morning to give some long overdue recognition to an unsung hero of my wedding...Layne Dann!  Now as many of you know, I am not a girly girl, which makes for quite a challenge when trying on wedding dresses. I was expecting to feel that moment when you've found "THE ONE" that I had heard so many other girls talk about. That moment never came for me :(  I walked out of the bridal shop with a perfectly fine dress, beautiful even, but also with a feeling of "did I buy the right one?" When I got home that evening, I emailed Layne who I had met during an outing at another bridal shop. I sent her pictures from the website of the dress I purchased and asked if she could make some alteration to the off the rack dress I purchased. I made an appointment with her and took the dress in. She was an absolute delight! I told her what I wanted and she completely understood my vision and offered many helpful suggestions that would flatter my body. She wasn't at all scared by the tight turnaround necessary to get this dress done in time for me to leave for my wedding cruise (just over 2 months).  Fast forward two months later...I went to pick up my dress a week before I was to set sail and there it was. There it was hanging...the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. I tried it on and the tears flowed from my eyes. It was the ONE! Layne had created my dream dress and given me the moment that ever bride talks about. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart Layne for making my day so very special. For taking on this challenge and far exceeding my expectations. For making me feel more beautiful than I've ever felt before. You took something ordinary and made it extraordinary, a one of a kind piece perfect for me! You are an amazing creative talent and I know you will continue to have great success 💓 For all brides looking for something far beyond the box store experience!"