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Friendly Announcement: Gee June Bridal is in a happy transition! As some of you know we are opening our own bridal boutique in Downtown Ithaca! Once construction is complete, we will be located inside Press Bay Court next to Press Bay Ally! We're excited for this to take place as we will be carrying designer dresses as well as continuing to rebuild your vintage finds, heirloom gowns, and off-the-racks in need of modification!

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Whether you're a Bride in need of custom dresses, a veil, head piece, adornment, specialty alterations, or a dress to be rebuilt please e-mail, text, or call to set up a complimentary consultation at our private studio in Ithaca, NY or a boutique consultation at one of our stockiest locations! 

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To book a consultation in Ithaca, NY or begin a remote conversation kindly e-mail:!

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Photography Credit: Heather Skye Photography

Models:Mari Cayrols and Vicent Latorre Sancho

Location: Valencia, Spain

Pictured: Gee June Juliet Gown in c/Pure White

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To request a private consultation by phone or via text message kindly dial: (626) 423-4765.  *Phone number is Principle Designer's direct line.

Principle Designer: Layne Dann, pronounced *Lane or Laynie.