Photography Credit: Leanne Rose Photography.

Photography Credit: Leanne Rose Photography.


Everlasting Adornments

Adornments are fun, cheeky, and can add whimsy to a wedding look! Hand beaded silk flower petals with pearls and Swarovski crystals,strung onto a hair comb or into a halo, are just the beginning!

Everlasting Adornments make for beautiful head pieces, bouquets, and flower crowns that won’t wilt, and can be kept for generations!

If you saved your first flowers received from your love: Everlasting Adornments are a great way for them to be incorporated into your wedding.

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Friendly tip: When inquiring about Everlasting Adornments that include family heirlooms or special trinkets, try to include their story into your inquiry!

The piece pictured was made from crystal stamens, pearls, antique velvet cut into Lambs Ear, feathers, linen paper, and antique book pages from a children’s anthology of fairy tales!