Heirloom Veils: Handmade & Custom

To wear a veil, or not: That is the question… Veils have a steep place in the history of the world’s weddings and there are no shortage of options!

Cathedral, chapel, fingertip, birdcage, etc.. At Gee June Bridal we specialize in making handmade, heirloom quality veils to match your gown.

If you are on the fence about wearing a veil; Consider that your wedding is one of the only times you may get a chance to wear it. Heirloom veils are a great way to incorporate family tradition into your wedding look. Lace from a Matriarch’s gown of weddings past, pieces of jewelry, and simple embroidery that holds symbolism can find their way into a custom veil, adding meaning to your wedding attire.

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Please note, if your gown has already been purchased, it may be necessary to bring it with you to your consult; especially, for Cathedral, Chapel, and Royal length veils. If you can, please include a picture of your gown along with your Inquiry!

Photography Credit: Becca Howland Photography

Photography Credit: Becca Howland Photography