Gee June Bridal offers custom made wedding gowns, veils, accessories, and adornments from initial sketch through final production! We offer Dress Reconstruction, Customization, and Modification services, Boutique Alterations, White Glove Bridal Dressing, Heirloom Accessorizing, and Modern Vintage services!

Please find an extended and courteous listing of our service details below.


Custom Gown Construction

Bride’s interested in having a wedding gown made by Gee June Bridal will be part of the Design Development process where we sketch out a series of their ideas, source fabric and materials for their gown; including, parts and pieces from their families collected heirlooms, such as a grandmother’s wedding dress or mother’s veil.  

The Production state of a custom wedding gown is very detail oriented. We execute fittings for not simply the best fit of the dress, but the superior placement of beading and lace appliques placed upon the gown according to the Bride’s curvature.  

                 Service begins at $2200 for full gown, $1500 for little white dress and skirt options.


Demi-Custom is for the Bride who has not found her wedding dress, can picture it, but is not all together visual. Demi-custom allows for a Bride to try on mock bodice and skirt options, separately, until we establish the silhouette of her wedding dress.  Once silhouette is established we begin sourcing fabric and materials. Demi-Custom gowns do not have the articulate level of internal construction as full Custom gowns.  Demi-Custom is about achieving the ‘look’ in a laid back manner and fit.  Demi-Custom expedites the design process; however, as the Bride is less visual it may require additional fittings to guarantee the look and feel of the gown is as the Bride wishes it to be! 

     Service begins at $1500 for full gown with single lining, $1200 for little white dress with skirt options. 

Made to Measure:

Gee June dresses presented throughout our website are available to order Made to Measure. Simply select your dress design, contact us and we will send you fabric cards with laces, linings, and details to choose from!  Once your fabric selections have been made, send us your measurements, and we will make your Gee June Gown! All Gee June Gown's are able to be modified! We will even suggest a Seamstress in your hometown to execute your Gee June gown's alterations, if needed.

     Service: prices vary, as listed with gown. 

Boutique Alterations:

Boutique Alterations take a gown's construction work beyond hems and bustles! Boutique Alterations allow for Designer gowns at Designer and Main Street price points to be modified, embellished, and fit to the Bride's body.  Boutique Alterations include Gown Reconstruction, Gown Customization, Dress Modernization, heirloom sewing, and vintage/antique gown cleaning and servicing.

Please find a courteous listing of each service's details below.


Gown Reconstruction:

Dress Reconstruction is a service that allows for a gown to be 100% rebuilt if need be.  Dress Rebuilds have become an important niche and service as so many Brides’ are purchasing gowns from internet sellers and retailers. Should a gown come in wrong; especially, those purchased from ‘China,’ We can take them 100% apart, amend the cut, fit it to the bride, and sew it back together.  

Service begins at $525

Gown Customization:

Dress Customization is a service where we will customize an existing gown, adding specialty sleeves and or novelty handwork.  Bride’s who are not very visual, but know what kind of dress they want will sometimes buy an off-the-rack gown with little to no embellishment on it and bring it to us so that we may personalize it with traditional bridal accents either using lace and beads, or through fabric modification: Dainty pleat work, smocking, and/or gathering.

Service begins at $225

Dress Modernization

Dress Modernization is a service similar, but not the same as a Rebuild or Customization service as the laundering of the dress before any construction takes place is sensitive. We have special recipes we use to launder gowns from different era’s, as far back as the 1800’s, to clean a gown and ensure before we begin deconstructing it that it is possible to commence work on it.  Threads, fibers, and fabric weave from long ago, properly or improperly kept through time require a different attention to detail than dresses and gowns from the last 15 years.  Once the gown has been laundered, pressed, and steamed we begin modernizing the gown through Reconstruction and/or Customization.

Service begins at $525


Heirloom Accessorizing: 

Heirloom Accessorizing is important for today’s Bride who is both eco-savvy and nostalgic for quality over quantity. Heirloom Accessorizing allows for a Bride to bring us remnants of family kept Bridal attire that we will clean and carefully remove parts from to incorporate them into her gown’s embellishments, design, and details.  This is done by way of custom veils and novelty adornments.

Custom Veils:

Custom Veils are a fun a la carte option for the Bride who would like custom, but may find that custom is not a good fit for them. Custom Veils give Bride’s the ability to pick out fabric in tulle, organza, or silk and have a veil that compliments her gown made!

Service begins at $125 for blusher and birdcage veils, $225 for fingertip veils and beyond

Novelty Adornments:

Novelty Adornments are for the Bride who wishes to have a custom bridal belt, garter, or hair piece made.  This past season we deconstructed a mother’s lace wedding gown. The lace from the mom’s gown was used to line a custom bridal belt and embellish a custom blusher veil for the Bride’s wedding accessories!

Service begins at $125


Additional Service:

White Glove Wedding Dressing:

Wedding Dressing is a service that is becoming increasingly necessary for Bride’s and Wedding Planners to offer as getting into a wedding gown, tying a bustle, and cinching a waist is hard work!  Wedding Dressing is a service we offer, a la carte, to Bride’s in need of having steady and experienced hands on site to iron, press, and steam their bridal attire; hook and tie complicated hosiery and corsetry work; Button them in; tie up their bustle; or fluff their gown for pictures. 

Wedding Dressing is a two to six hour service that begins 2 hours before a wedding's pictures and/or ceremony, ending when it is time, usually after the reception’s cocktail hour to execute a bustle.  

Service begins at $125 for 2 hours of dressing the Bride. Price includes travel within 25 miles; past 25 miles we charge $0.56 per mile in fuel and an hourly rate of $10.

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