A few years back I bought a book (a lot actually, but one pertains most to this post): Adornments by Myra Callan! Adornments was so beautiful. Elizabeth Messina’s pictures pulled at the heart strings while Myra’s descriptions and hand at design made one feel that all was possible! You too could quit the world and be an artist….

Not shortly after reading her book (pouring over it most likely), I did just that. I helped design the bulk of a Designer’s collection for New York Fashion Week, saw my little business Gee June start thriving, and then it was time to quit the day job and commit. Of course it was hard, it was back breaking, but Gee June grew to Gee June Bridal and Gee June Bridal transcends service: It is to be a Bridal Boutique, with walls and windows, store hours, racks and shelves to be filled with product. Twigs and Honey product, by Myra Callan, included!