Debuted: The Alice Dress

The Alice dress was donated to me.  She had never been cleaned, held a crunchy lining, and had stained lace. I was able, gently and vigorously, to clean her.  Throughout the process I had to recreate some of her lace via my embroidery machine and digital stitch software, to put her back together in a way that honored her original design.  Slight changes were made, but overall her effect is the same!

We debuted the Alice Dress at the Sinclair of Skaneateles' First Annual Bridal Showcase back in January. It was a blizzard, Retta was our only model to be able to make the trip safely. We weren't sure how Alice would be recieved.  Truthfully we were happy for the blizzard because if she was a failure, not many would know. She didn't fail!  She has become a favorite of bride's and photographers!

This past weekend at Inn at Taughannock she was modeled again, with a flower crown, in the Inn's cupola! To date, we have placed custom dress orders against her. We can't wait to show you an ivory and blush version of the Alice this bridal season!      


Photography: Nick and Natasha Photography

Model: Retta Beardslee

Gown: Gee June Bridal, Vintage Rebuild

Venue: The Sinclair of Skaneateles