Spring Day in Winter - Retta, Her Horse, & Vintage

The first official day of Spring is here! We still have snow and might get more, but for right now we are celebrating the in-between of seasons with these babes: Retta, her horse, and Allison Maire! Allison wanted to do a Winter shoot, instead the day of, we had our first 54 degree day since Fall! Sigh, Upstate Weather!

The dress pictured in this mini-shoot is a vintage! We cleaned it, cut open the back, and after this shoot, when some more seams fell open (sometimes vintage no matter how hard a seamstress works, comes undone) we dyed it! The next time you see it, this beauty will be the color of a Salted Caramel Mocha Latte (can you tell what my guilty pleasure is?!?!)! 

Photo Credits:

Photography Credit: Allison Marie Photography

Model: Retta Beardsleee

Gown: Gee June Bridal; repurposed vintage