Rebuilt! Real Bride: Erika!

For Real Bride Erika we rebuilt her off-the-rack Alfred Angelou 100%! Her OTR was sleeveless, meant for somebody 5'9" or taller, and a size 12. Erika is a size 4 and shorter than 5'5!"

To execute her rubuild and preserve the appliques so that we could line them back up for a seamless look, I deconstructed every layer of the gown. The bodice needed to be rebuilt to handle her shorter torso, the appliques needed to be removed and moved up three inches each row, and we did this while maintaining the original circumference of the hem!


Erika's sleeves were custom. Some of the appliques removed from her gown were placed on her sleeves, but she wanted a full look! SOooo... I copied her embroidery as best I could, digitized it into a stitch file, machine embroidered it out, hand sewed it down after placing it on her arm and beaded it to match her gown! We loved it and so did she!


I recieved much gratitude from Erika! An invite to her bridal shower where they sang Happy Birthday to me (one of my fondest birthday and professional memories to date)! Erika gave me a scarf for my birthday that is still one of my favorites and she wrote me a beautiful review, twice! Handwritten and virtual! Check out one review on our Real Brides page!