Piscean: Juliet in a Spanish Tempest

What’s past is prologue...
— Shakespeare, The Tempest

Today, March 19 is my birthday. I'm a Pisces, ruled by water, Neptune, and the Moon. I love Shakespearean iconography. These images, shot by Heather Skye in Valencia last July inspired me when I needed it most. I wasn't sure about our Juliet dress, it had been rejected, but upon seeing it in our Juliet shoot at La Tourelle with Becca Howland and Amy B., , Heather asked after it and took it to Spain for her European vacation.

Heather had a vision, she wanted to shoot a wedding inspiration/fashion shoot on an Ocean beachfront.  Mari and Vincent, the models,  took Heather to a private beach where this passionate shoot took place!

To date: The Juliet is one of our most successful gowns! We have produced it more than any other dress.  The Juliet may have been caught in a Tempest of initial rejection, but Spanish waves and hidden beaches brought to it bittersweet success!  

This shoot sums up my birthday year best.  My biggest lesson of the year has been to 'put it out there again.' If at first something is not accepted, it doesn't mean it is not worthy, it means that it is meant for somebody else!


If I am a Beach and you are the water then I should hope for a full moon and big waves.
— Anxious Love

Photo Shoot Credits:

Photography: Heather Skye Photography

Models: Mari Cayrols and Vincent Latorre Sancho

Location: Valencia, Spain-private beach

Pictured: Juliet gown in c/pure white