Sneak Peek: 'Sprinkles to my Ice Cream' Shoot!

You are the Sprinkles to my Ice Cream!

We love this sneak peek from Chelsea Fausel of Fausel Imagery!  In this shoot we recreated a nostalgic moment I've never forgotten...

When I was 17, my mom looking at her first 'baby' leaving the house decided she wanted to give herself more.  We were a traditional family and lucky to have a stay-at-home-mom but, Mom's dream was always to have a bakery and be a Business Woman!  It was everything she had ever talked about (and very inspiring to me).  Super Cream, a town relic, the Summer before my senior year in high school was up for sale and my Mom jumped to it! 

That Summer I worked at Super Cream and one of my first moment's was when a Bride and Groom pulled up in an old Blue-Suede colored GMC truck.  They had just left their ceremony and were en route to their reception when his wife yelled 'I have to have Super Cream! Stop!'  Proud husband that he was pulled in, helped his Bride out of the truck and carefully tucked her dress in place.  He stood back and watched in amazement as his Bride ran up to the service window and ordered a small soft serve vanilla with rainbow sprinkles on a cone.   The Groom paid in two dollar bills and half dollars.

Adding to the moment:  The Bride wore a bird cage veil, red lipstick, and her hair was done pin-up style.  Myself and my high school best friend stood back and watched in awe as between licks the Bride said they had just gotten married, she needed some down time with just the two of them and; although, she was having her wedding cake too: Super Cream made the day better!

Gee June head piece's atop ice cream cones in the back of an antique Chevy!

Gee June head piece's atop ice cream cones in the back of an antique Chevy!

After they left I turned to my bestie and said 'Someday when I'm a Designer, I'm going to recreate this moment.'  We didn't have a camera, we didn't take a picture but, this is how I remember it.  The following Summer I left to study Fashion and went on to become a Designer from New York to LA and back. 

This is my homage to when it all started, the first moment I knew I was going to make wedding dresses as a grown up! 

Quick Note: Seventeen years later Super Cream has moved from it's original location and my Dad built it's newest 1960 revival inspired building.  Super Cream's sign is the original 'Vegas' style sign that went up and has identified the authenticity of Super Cream in a town not starved for ice cream stand's!  Super Cream is now host to car hops in Summer, twice a month, and on occasion sponsors a Hot Rod band and now an 'Ice Cream in Summer' Bridal photo shoot!

Photo Shoot Credits:

Photography: Chelsea Fausel of Fausel Imagery; Model: Mariah Rose Dahl; Hair: Abby George of Tease; Make Up: Ashley Lesh of Miel Beauty Bar; Venue: Super Cream Dairy Bar; Dress: Bridal Barn in Homer a Carrier of Gee June product; Bridal Jacket, adornments and Cap: Gee June. Ice Cream Attendant: Julie!